Our Projects:

Quoddy's Run
Extensive repair and interior upgrades.
Quoddy's Run is a Kelly Peterson 44 sailboat that had unfortunately fallen over on its stands while on the hard for winter storage. Interior bulkheads were compromised as well as extensive interior damage. Her mast had been broken as well as rig, deck and hull damage.

Farrier Marine F-41 Catamaran
Freezer/Refrigerator construction and installation. This work consists of designing refrigeration units, casting and fibreglassing of boxes and lids, and installation of refrigeration hardware systems. Interior construction and upholstery.

Sherry May
Commercial Fishing Vessel
Interior seating.

Custom Maple Leaf 48 Sailboat
Interior upholstery, mattresses, and window coverings.

Kelly Peterson 44 Sailboat
Sugar Scoop.



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